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Chronology of Shootout of TNI-Polri vs Armed Criminal Group in Puncak Regency, Papua

Armed criminal group in Puncak

Jayapura – Combined military and police officers were again involved in a shootout with an armed criminal group (KKB) in Ilambet Village, Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Papua. As a result, a soldier was injured by a recoset bullet in this firefight.

“On Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 14.00 WIT, at Camp PT Unggul Jalan on the edge of Ilambet Village, Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) again terrorized joint personnel who wanted to check the location of victims of persecution,” said Head of Public Relations of Polda. Papua Kombes Ahmad Musthofa Kamal through a written statement, Sunday (14/2/2021).

Ahmad revealed that the shootout occurred after a group of TNI-Polri personnel checked in Mudidok Village which KKB had burned. When they were about to return to the city, KKB suddenly opened fire on the group. TNI-Polri also fought back.

“There were no casualties from the joint personnel. Currently joint personnel continue to increase patrols around Ilaga City, Puncak Regency,” he said.

Previously, the shootout was also delivered by Dandrem 173 / PVB Brig. Gen. Iwan Setiawan. Iwan said that one soldier was injured as a result of the shootout.

“It is true that during the gun battle that took place on Saturday (13/2) afternoon, Prada Maulana was hit by a recoset of a bullet in the nose,” said Dandrem 173 / PVB Brigadier General Iwan Setiawan to Antara in Jayapura, Sunday (14/2/2021) .

The following is a complete chronology of the shootout that took place on Saturday (13/2) afternoon in Ilaga, Papua:

11.54 WIT

On Saturday, February 13, 2021, at 11.54 WIT, a meeting was held between TNI-Polri personnel and Forkopimda to discuss the security situation in Puncak Regency.

13.00 WIT

At 13.00 WIT, after holding the meeting, the TNI-Polri and Forkopimda personnel checked the location of the victims of the abuse and continued on foot to PT Unggul, which built a bridge to Mudidok Village. Kampung Mudidok itself was burned by a KKB group which was thought to be the Telenggeng Lekagak group.

14.00 WIT

At 14.00 WIT, after checking the location of the victim of abuse, the group returned to the city. However, on the way, members received shots from the direction of Jalan Mudidok opposite PT Unggul and Dijuka. Then the joint personnel fired back at the direction the sound came from.

Source of Armed criminal group in Puncak news : DETIK NEWS

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