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The Definitive Papua Regional Secretary Arrives, Dance Yulian Flassy: Thank you, Mr. Governor

Papua Regional Secretary, JAYAPURA – Papua’s Definitive Regional Secretary, Dance Yulian Flassy, ​​who arrived at Sentani Airport, Thursday (04/03/2021) was greeted by a number of figures, including the Regent of Tolikara Usman G. Wanimbo representing the Regent of the Central Mountains.

Dance Yulian Flassy was appointed by Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian as Regional Secretary of Papua Province, March 1, 2021 at the Main Meeting Room (RSU) Building A, Floor III of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Jakarta.

The inauguration was carried out based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 159 / TPA of 2020 concerning the Appointment of Senior High Leaders in the Government of Papua Province.

According to Yulian, his inauguration as Regional Secretary has gone through a process, including the approval of the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe.

” Very thankful to Governor Lukas Enembe who has accepted me and I have discussed a lot with the Governor. The governor asked the Minister of Home Affairs through the Director General of Otda to carry out the inauguration process immediately. Finally, the process was carried out on March 1, 2021 at the Ministry of Home Affairs at the request of the Governor, “explained Flassy.

Yulian Flassy saw his election as the Regional Secretary of Papua Province as when God chose David to be King of Israel through the Prophet Samuel.

” I have actually been chosen and called by Allah. Like King David who was called and chosen by God through King Samuel. This is a process, I continue to work with all components there is no difference to build Papua, so once again there is no difference for us to build Papua. This is what I need to underline. The following is this government we will immediately run, “he explained.

The first thing that will be done upon arrival in Jayapura, said Flassy, ​​is to report to the Governor of Papua. ” Still, I will carry out the governor’s policy. I have to report that the governor has arrived in Papua today and is waiting for the governor’s direction, can I take the first apple on Monday, “he explained.

Flassy will carry out his mandate to develop Papua. “Don’t tell me where I am from, I am a Papuan and a Papuan traditional child. I also have the same customs here to build Papua within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia,” he explained.

Asked about the inauguration of the Papua Regional Secretary in Jayapura, Flassy explained in accordance with Permendagri Number 91 of 2019 article 9 paragraph 1 that if the definitive secretary has been appointed, automatically the officials under him will automatically be void.

“There is a law regulating Permendagri Number 91 of 2019 article 9 paragraph 1 that if the definitive regional secretary has been inaugurated, automatically the positions under him will automatically drop and echelon 1 positions both ASN TNI Polri are determined by the President,” he said.

Representative of the Regent of the Central Mountains, Usman G. Wanimbo, stated that he was ready to accept Dance Yulian Flassy as Secretary of Papua. “We are ready to accept the Yulian Flassy Dance according to the message from the Governor of Papua, to carry out our duties as Secretary of Papua,” he said briefly.

Willem Wandik, a member of the DPR RI, expressed his pride in the presence of Dance Yulian Flassy as the definitive Regional Secretary of Papua.

“ Today, the definitive Papua Regional Secretary Yulian Flassy Dance has been inaugurated by the central government through the Ministry of Home Affairs after coordinating with the Governor of Papua and we are here representing the central parliament in carrying out the oversight function of government administration in Papua and also representing mountain leaders and indigenous people. Tengah and we are happy and proud that today’s presence is welcomed by all elements of Indonesian society throughout the Land of Papua, ” he said. **

Source of Papua Regional Secretary news: PAPUA INSIDE

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