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Preventing Tribal War, Three Regional Heads in the Papuan Mountains Agree to Promote Peace – Three regional heads in the mountainous region of Papua, namely Jayawijaya, Nduga and Lanny Jaya regencies, agreed to promote peace in the region. They don’t want tribal wars to happen again there.

The steps to promote peace were discussed in a joint coordination meeting between the Indonesian National Armed Forces and the National Police, held at the Autonomous Building Wenehule Huby, Wamena Kota District, Jayawijaya Regency, Tuesday (11/1). This meeting was held to end the conflict between the residents of IIekma and the residents of Wouma that occurred some time ago,

The activity was attended by the Regent of Jayawijaya Regency, Jhon R Banua, the Regent of Lanny Jaya Befa Jigibalom, the Regent of Nduga Wentius Nimiangge, the Dirintelkam of the Papuan Police, Kombes Pol. Tigor Hutapea, Direskrimum Polda Papua Kombes Pol Faizal Ramadani, Dansat Brimob Polda Papua Kombes Pol Budi, Dandim 1702/JWY Lt. Inf Arif Budi Situmeang, Jayawijaya Police Chief AKBP Muh. Safeei, and Danyonif 756/WMS Lt. Col. Inf. Tommy Yudistio.

At the meeting, the three regents agreed to end conflicts between communities. They will also make various efforts to reconcile the two groups so that there is no longer a continuous conflict.

The three regents hoped that the security forces from the TNI-Polri would not provide space and opportunity for the public to fight. The conflict which has resulted in casualties and dozens of people being injured must be stopped.

People Are Asked Not to Easily Believe Issues

On that occasion, Dandim 1702/Jayawijaya Lt. Col. Inf. Arif Budi Situmeang appealed to the public not to easily believe and be provoked by issues that developed before they were confirmed.

“We urge the public not to be provoked by negative issues spread by parties who want to exacerbate this conflict, especially to clash the community with the security forces,” he said.

Furthermore, Arif explained that the presence of security forces from the TNI-Polri was to prevent conflicts and assist local governments in solving existing problems.

“For this reason, we hope that peace will be carried out immediately according to custom so that this conflict can end soon,” he added.

After the coordination meeting, the regents together with elements of the TNI-Polri again held meetings with the two community groups. They provide assistance in the form of basic necessities as a form of government attention.

Ban Mass Movement

The Regent of Nduga Wentius Nimiangge said that his party together with the Regent of Jayawijaya and Regent of Lanny Jaya had agreed to promote peace.

“For that, I hope that starting today there will be no more mass movements. It’s time for us to sit down together to discuss this peace,” he said.

Until now, the TNI-Polri apparatus are still conducting isolation against the community from both sides. This effort was made to prevent further conflicts from occurring. [ya]

Source: Merdeka

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