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BREAKING NEWS: live witness to the Papua referendum or Act of Free Choice Ramses Ohee dies

Ramses Ohee

TRIBUN-PAPUA.COM, JAYAPURA – Ramses Ohee, the leader of the Red and White Front and one of the living witnesses of the Act of Free Choice (Pepera) and Ondofolo died at Dian Harapan Hospital, Jayapura.

Ramses Ohee, who is also a member of the Papuan DPR through the Otsus route, is the son of Poreu Ohee who was present at the Youth Pledge congress in Jakarta in mid-1928.

At that time, Poreu Ohee was present with the capacity as a Papuan youth leader, namely the Head of Sentani Papua Village (1927).

His position as Village Head was held by the appointment of the Sultan of Tidore, because Papua at that time was under the authority of the Tidore Sultanate.

This fact also confirms that Papua was already part of the Kingdom in the Archipelago (Tidore) in the pre-independence period (the document of appointment by Sultan Tidore as Lurah Sentani in 1927).

When I was a child, my father used to tell me how he was present at the Youth Pledge in Jakarta in 1928 representing the youth of Papua, said Ramses Ohee during his lifetime.

Ramses Ohee regretted that, at that time, the documentation system had not been managed properly, so the story of a Papuan youth named Poreu Ohee joining the Youth Pledge was not stored properly, and only became a hereditary story in the Ohee family in Sentani.

Ramses Ohee who won the Satya Badge is now gone. Until the end of his life, Ramses Ohee has not succeeded in fighting for his father Poreu Ohee to become a hero until now. (*)

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