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My comment on the 5 Australian in Papua

What a bad luck for William Hendry Scott Bloxam (pilot), Vera Scott Bloxam (co pilot), Hubert Hofer, Karen Burke and Ket Rowald Mortimer (passengers). According to the news, those people violate flight approval,  security clearence and immigration. I believe that we must respect national law and international law for public safety and our own safety. The case of flight approval is very serious because it relates to the safety of people and flight traffict, so it should not happen again in the future, a hard punishment can be applied in accordance to the violation. Usually the law on this kind of violation will be related to a very large amount of fine and several years ban of flying licence.

As for the security clearance, it should not touch the very basic of human rights that people are free to move from one area to another. However, the law should also be respected. I personally disagree with the mechanism of  hard security clearance, beacuse it only applied in a conflict are like Gaza in Palestine or Iraq during the war. Papua is a peaceful land and the level of conflict is very low, so there is no reason for applying security clearance in a hard way. Security clearance can be applied normally as part of public safety, for example we can not bring any hazardous material or weapons in public transportation, especially aeroplane. We can not also bring anything than can harm public safety, for example we can not bring bombs by aeroplane to Australia, right? I have no information whether the people from Australia bring any dangerous things to Papua.

I don’t understand why some Australian challenge the integrity of Papua province as part of Indonesia, this is very provocative and will lead to mistrust relation between Indonesia and Australia. Under the rules of international law Papua is legally recognized as part of Indonesia, so the national law of Indonesia applied.  Indonesia should not be affraid of Western spies in West Papua because as a democratic country Indonesia is a Western allies in a sense. There are many common understanding among democratic states, please correct me if I am wrong.

I agree that we need to know the truth about what is happening in West Papua, but I don’t see any reason why Indonesia should be scared of Western powers, because Indonesia is a friend to Western power like United Sates. Europe and even Australia. As neighbouring countries, Indonesia and Australia sign many treaties for both sides need.

Australians do not need any spying mission on Indonesia  because Australian security institution are closely working together with Indonesian security aparatus in many areas. For example the security cooperation between Australian Federal Police and Indonesian National Police, I think Indonesia should learn also from Australia about how to build a good community policing.

Finally, if there is no hard evidence of public safety violation by the  Australians, the legal process should be taken carefully. I don,t believe that the 5 Australians are on spying mission because they are too stupid for the famous Australian intelligence that we can learn from the Pacific War against Japan. We should not see the case as a political problem, but more to technical matters of flight approval and immigration. Hopefully, Indonesian government will see the case in clarity that we must applied fairness principles in law. As for my many friends in Australia, please ask Australian government to investigate how could the incident of flying without flight approval happened. It is extremely very dangerous for the safety of people. For my Indonesian colleagues, please do your best to applied a fair retrial by further careful investigation.

I feel so sad when listened to the court decision to sentence the pilot Scott-Bloxam for three years in jail with a 50 million rupiah ($6800) fine. The fine is too small and the imprisonment is unbelieavable. The ultimate goal of the law is to make order in public and  punishment should  be in line with the goal. Imprisonment is related to crime and not procedure violation, so the pilot doesn’t  deserve imprisonment for the violation. I think we should urge the court to review their decision.

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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  1. Please Forgive and Release :
    William Scott-Bloxam, 62
    Vera Scott-Bloxam, 54
    Hubert Hufer, 57
    Karen Burke, 51
    Keith Ronald Mortimer, 60

  2. It is a mystery !

    There comes a time in our life when it strikes us that we are never going to be prisoner of our own mistakes.

  3. “A man should never be ashamed to own he has been wrong, which is but saying, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.”
    Alexander Pope

  4. Hi, my name is Jenny. I need more information about the death of Kelly Kwalik. Please contact me by email because Australian intelligence officer Joe Collins try to harm the good relation between my country with Indonesia. Many Thanks mate…

  5. are you sure about what did you say? Do you have the fact about truth about the five people basic data…?

    Imagine that why they use Indonesian space area to fly? Is that only just for learning to fly, then why don’t in their country?…

    I think Indonesian Goverment has take a precise policy to handle them,first beacause dont have permit, then what is their intention.

    Your perspective only about the five people..Please compare side by side, so it can be objective…For all off commentator…U did not help at all.

    Indonesian become better day by day because Papua People nom has get their autonomy., So,The five people maybe intelligence.

    As a foreign political viewer, Maybe you have analysis, but it was too shallow.


  6. Is this site made to enlighten people into understanding that everything is fine in West Papua. That people do not die fighting for their freedom.
    Indonesian military has been responsible for the security and safety of West Papuan; the military continues to protect Papuans in West Papua from the terrorist Free West Papua. Indonesian settlers continue to help the development of West Papua, including supporting traditional culture. International forestry and mining companies also help the economy of West Papua.
    Papuan is Indonesian….Merdeka !

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