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West Papua: Freedom Inside Indonesian Democracy

West Papua Freedom?

What is happening right now to my people in West Papua is showing the world the true democracy where people can rely on the strength of their words to actualise ideas they have. Indonesia uses the peaceful force of democracy, development, free election and harmony.

So now, when things are turning in favour of freedom and justice in West Papua (with visits by the US Congressman Faleomavaega and the EU and UN Human Rights envoys), Indonesia openly shows the to international community that democracy is the right medicine for West Papua. However Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM) and its Army Teror Wings are always turning to the only way it knows: violence and Terror.

In recent years, several factions of OPM such as the Koteka Tribal Assembly and other West Papuan independence movement in some Western countries have tried to tell lies to the international community. They claim that because they are not get involve in Indonesia’s democracy, the democracy is false. They use violence in West Papua to create tension like in the past.
The lies story about TNI (Indonesian Military) in West Papua from West Papuan Independence Movement is just unbelieveaable. For example they always claim that TNI is responsible for all violence, intimidation, threats, racist abuse, etc. In contrast, the OPM forget that they the one who threath Papuan people, Oh my God we are the same ethnic, we are one. For the shake of individual needs and ambitions West Papuan daily life is like at the hands of the OPM Terror and the protection from Indonesian military and police sometimes not enough. We West Papuan people are very simple and just simply try to campaign peacefully for economic and cultural development.

OPM, together with support from its international network is currently forming terror group in every regency (district) across West Papua with the express purpose of using violence against peaceful development campaigners to challenge the territorial integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.

We Papuans are calling on the international community to intervene OPM international network in Australia, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherland, United States, Canada, and any other part of the world. Don’t wait for the creation of OPM terror group to start the war among Papuans. Please stop helping liar opportunist.

1) We call on the international community to send a UN envoys to West Papua and help the development my people. The Indonesian Military must be strengthen to guard West Papuan from terror by OPM. We Papuans don’t have guns, please protect us from terror group of OPM.

2) All Terror group of OPM must be disarmed and disbanded immediately. I urge any of my fellow Papuans who are tempted by OPM money to join one of these militia groups to think again. If you do, you will be helping political and economic opportunist to commit crimes against humanity – against your own people. You have no idea how the opportunist make use of the West Papua issue for money.

3) OPM must stop all forms of violence and intimidation against West Papuans immediately, whether against ordinary Papuans speaking out about human rights abuses.

Now is the time for all Papuans to work together peacefully for our birth-right together with our Indonesian brother and sister: to live in peace and prosperity, free at last from OPM terror, in our own sacred Land, West Papua. West Papua freedom is already there within Indonesia’s democracy.


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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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