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Mimika DPRD Discusses RPJMD 2020-2024, Programs Must Touch Communities Directly

Seputar Papua | TIMIKA | Mimika Regency DPRD (Regional People’s Representative Council) held a Plenary Session I of the Second Session Period on the Discussion of the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) for 2020-2024, Friday (10/7).

The Mimika Regency Government, in this case the Regent Eltinus Omaleng, directly submitted the RPJMD material to the Mimika DPRD Chairman, Robby Kamaniel Omaleng for further discussion.

In his remarks, the Chairperson of the DPRD advised that the Regional Regulatory Forming Board (Bapemperda) together with the Regional Government could pay attention to the material content.

Because, DPRD members have accommodated the aspirations of the community and made it a priority scale that is poured into the main thoughts.

Thus, it is hoped that it can be included in the development plan which certainly can directly touch the interests of the community.

“Besides that, in the next discussion, coordination with the local government is carried out,” Robby continued.

According to him, the RPJMD speaks of medium-term development, which is a necessity for regional development planning in the next five years.

Which contains a description of the vision and mission of the regional head program and pay attention to the national medium development plan.

Meanwhile the regional program plans aim to realize the enhancement and equitable distribution of the people’s welfare, increase employment opportunities, increase the field of business, improve public access and services and improve regional competitiveness capabilities.

“The Mimika Regency RPJMD 2020-2024 is a regional long-term development plan for 2009-2025. Thus, the regional government, in this case the planning part, must have been in detail in understanding what must be done to achieve the targets and achieve development alignments in the Mimika Regency, “he explained.

In his address, Eltinus Omaleng Regent said, the RPJMD of the Regency of Mimika in 2020-2024 was an official planning document in a region that had a strategic position and field.

This will bridge the annual planning and development in the regional development planning document for the five-year program, which includes the vision and mission and the development programs of the Regent and Deputy Regent.

“And that translates into strategic goals of priority activities and programs for five years,” said the Regent.

The preparation of the 2020-2024 RPJMD is mandated by Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 25 of 2004 concerning the National Development Planning System.

Regions in accordance with their authority, formulate regional development plans as a single unit in every national development plan.

“The RPJMD can be a reference for development in the regions and becomes increasingly important in the era of regional autonomy, which is compiled based on the superior potential and rapid capabilities of this region,” he explained.

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