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Why Separatists against West Papua Autonomy?

On West Papua autonomy, spokesperson for the West Papua National Committee (KNB), Victor Yeimo, former Papuan prisoners Sayang Mandabayan, and Benny Wenda have something in common, they rejected it. Their rejection is undermining the Papuan and West Papua local governments’ hard efforts to develop the two regions through the continuation of special autonomy.

The reasons for these three people are the same, namely seeking the maintenance of conflict to open the way to separatism. They demanded a referendum that would benefit their own groups without thinking about the impact on hundreds of ethnic groups who disagree with them.

The reason for human rights violations was almost always put forward by Papuan separatist groups. Though they through their armed wing have repeatedly committed violent terror and killed innocent civilians. Various other reasons will be put forward to prevent the development of Papua.

The issue of racism which is limited to individual behavior, suddenly appeared as something national issue. It seems that separatist supporters using social media engineered it with lies about the existence of systemic racism in Papua and West Papua. What should be done in the region is to build tolerance and respect to humans rights — that we are equal as human being. Racism case should be dealt with correction of individual behaviour and also national campaign about human rights.

Benny Wenda The criminal activities of the Papuan armed wing. It shows how narrow separatists arguments are. On the case of the displacement people, separatists always blamed the government, when in fact separatist is the one who cause it to happen. All this was done by separatists solely to maintain their increasingly unpopular presence.

Various ways of manipulation such as social media are also being carried out continuously to create confusion and division among Papuans. Separatists campaign and actions are bringing so many bad impacts for the people of Papua. Separatists either individually or in the name of a group have interests to sell the referendum issue for many reasons. Existence, popularity and donations are three most important things for separatists. They never think people first, while the Papuan and West Papuan local governments are trying so hard to improve the standard of living of all people in the region.

Some Indonesian communist leaning groups that diligently carry out random campaign and protest seem to lend support to West Papuan separatists. The support also came from the Philippine communist The International League of Peoples’ Struggles (ILPS), the radical left of the British Green Party, Australia and New Zealand.

Benny Wenda, who is seriously ill with diabetes, expressed concern about special autonomy, when in fact Wenda’s rejection of special autonomy was more due to fears over the success of Papua’s development. Why should he scared? Because that would make him lose support for fundraising. Benny Wenda has committed massive corruption as conveyed by one of his close aides in Oxford called K. While HH has confirmed that Benny Wenda’s health is not good because of his unhealthy behavior.

Various bad conditions of West Papuan separatist groups both at home and abroad have led to collaboration to maintain conflict in Papua and West Papua. For separatists, all is only games, while the Papuan people affected have suffered.

Let’s stop separatism in Papua and West Papua.

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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