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John Gluba Gebze: Papua’s Special Autonomy is evaluated, not rejected

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Papuan public figure John Gluba Gebze is pushing for the implementation of the Special Autonomy Law to be evaluated rather than making a discourse of rejection without being accompanied by data or the opinion that Otsus has failed in Papua.

“I invite or encourage the entire community to jointly evaluate the implementation, implementation and management of the special autonomy fund not to refuse the extension of special autonomy volume II,” he said when contacted from Jayapura City, Papua, Monday.

The former Merauke Regent said that leaders of various institutions up to the heads of regions were native Papuan children, so the discourse on the evaluation of special autonomy was needed before the Special Autonomy Volume II was hoped there would be suggestions and input for sustainable development in Indonesia’s easternmost province.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the nation of Allah’s messenger to the Republic of Indonesia, we the people guarding the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua, now the fire is starting to burn and the smoke is starting to rise, namely the rejection of the Special Autonomy volume II and or the choice of referendum. the government in this matter is related to otsus volume II. We evaluate the implementation, implementation and management, not refusing, “he explained.

As a native of Papua who settled in the southern part of the Earth of Cenderawasih, Gebze claimed that in carrying out the duties of the state is also a task given by God, so it should be done with full responsibility, such as protecting the hamlet, village or even the country occupied.

“There is no need to worry about this, I was also assigned by God before being assigned by the state to preserve the grace of nature so that it remains safe for anyone who lives. And I along with other brothers carry out this without the state budget and regional budget, but because of the responsibility of conscience to secure every inch of nature’s gift becomes a small paradise, a peaceful palace, a comfortable place for all people who choose to watch the sun rise two hours earlier in Indonesia, namely the Land of Papua, “he said.

He asserted that with the special autonomy evaluation there will be input into which areas of work have not been maximally carried out, so otsus volume II can be directed to work on things that have not been carried out in the previous era, with the aim of improving the welfare of Papuans rather than vice versa.

“But what is important is not that philosophy, what is important is how we all agree to acknowledge what is lacking. Let’s support the extension of volume II in Papua that we love is not to reject it. I also appeal to the whole community to be together, work hand in hand to maintain security and security in the Land of Papua so that it remains safe and conducive, do not easily believe by the news that is not necessarily the source that can divide unity and unity in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, “he said.

Special Autonomy is evaluated news source is ANTARA News

Special autonomy is evaluated and not rejected reflects majority voice of Papuan.

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