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Peace in West Papua

Peace in West Papua

In 2020, Indonesia is the world 49th most peaceful country in the world. Indonesia has gone up 23 numbers from 72nd rank in 2010 according to the Global Peace Index (GPI), a study that has been carried out by the Institute for Economics and Peace since 2007.

The report is based on 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators, such as the existence of internal or external armed conflicts, violent crimes, the border situation, the degree of militarization, the economic cost of violence or the amount of weapons circulating in a country.

These factors are also related to other indicators (income, education, transparency and integrity and honesty of the public offices) to determine the security level of each country. The index has been very criticized for not including violence against women and children.

With such enormous improvement, Indonesia has introduced peaceful measures to solve all domestic conflicts in the country, including West Papua. However, Free West Papua strategy to maintain conflict, including by terror and killing innocent people in Papua and West Papua, to some extent blocking the government efforts.

Peace in West Papua has been prevented by supporters of Free West Papua movement by all means. Why, because peace will eliminate all Free West Papua lies and West Papuan people will realise how evil Free West Papua campaign is.

Indonesia with its serious efforts to bring peace, to increase its people social and economy status, and also to provide the best health and education system in Papua and West Papua, should be appreciated. Indonesia’s only challenge is to stop conflict provocation by free Papua supporters. So the best option for better Papua is to dissolve all militia armed groups like West Papua Army.

Free West Papua will continue instigating conflict without thinking who will suffer and who will get the benefit. They play a very dangerous game because they expect the government of Indonesia will panic, Indonesian Army will loss control.

In contrast, democracy in Papua and West Papua is solid and Indonesian people start to understand the meaning behind so many campaign supporting Free West Papua. Indonesia shouldn’t worry too much but keep vigilant and start to do the following:

  1. Be very careful with every conflict provocation by West Papua armed group, mass media, and social media.
  2. Avoid the use of excessive power, especially against peaceful protest.
  3. Be confident that Free West Papua movement will eventually collapse by corrupt attitude of its leader.

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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    • Best regards to all African in the world, please support West Papua peace development and reject separatist evil campaign against the will of West Papuan.

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