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Intan Jaya case TGPF’s final report targeted on October 17

Intan Jaya shooting case

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The joint fact-finding team (TGPF) probing the Intan Jaya shooting, Papua, targets completing its final report on Oct 17 after submitting the initial report to Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Mahfud MD, Tuesday.

“Currently, the team has reported (its findings). It has a deadline until (October) 17 to prepare a systematic final report and discuss all facts to reach a credible conclusion,” Mahfud MD noted here on Tuesday.

The minister formed a TGPF to investigate the shooting case in Intan Jaya District of Papua that resulted in the killing of two military personnel, a civilian, and a priest.

The team left for Papua on October to commence investigation at the crime scene and returned to Jakarta on October 12.

Chief of the investigation team Benny J. Mamoto has updated the minister of the fact-finding result.

“Alhamdulillah (thank God), the fact-finding target had been achieved despite the terror and also ambush and shooting (against the team),” the minister affirmed.

Mahfud noted that the team had interviewed key witnesses in connection with the shooting, and the information derived will help the police in arresting the perpetrators.

“The team has met with key witnesses. Here the team has primary data. Key witnesses, family of the victims, crime scene investigation, we have it all,” Mahfud noted, adding that the victims’ families are highly supportive of the investigation process.

Meanwhile, Chief of the investigation team Benny J. Mamoto remarked that the team had interviewed 25 witnesses during the investigation.

“We interviewed 25 witnesses and maybe more. The wife of the victim, relatives, witnesses, medical personnel helping the victims, and security personnel on-duty at the time were among those interviewed,” he remarked.

The team had convinced the family of Yeremia, a priest killed in the incident, to conduct an autopsy on the priest’s body, and the result can be used later in court.

“The autopsy is part of the investigation process. The result is expected to come out in two weeks,” he remarked.

Mahfud MD formed the TGPF early this month to investigate the attacks in Intan Jaya District that resulted in the deaths of two soldiers and two civilians.

The team comprises 18 members, drawn from the Indonesian military, police, presidential staff office, and Papua social figures.

Intan Jaya shooting case

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