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King Machmud Rumagesan Becomes a National Hero, Governor of West Papua: We are Proud

King Machmud Rumagesan – West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan is proud that King Machmud Singgirei Rumagesan is included in the list of recipients of the national hero award announced by President Joko Widodo.

King Machmud, who is the first national hero from West Papua, is the leader of the Sekar Kingdom which is located on the Onin Peninsula, another name for the former Fakfak Regency.

“We should be proud that West Papua has a great figure and today the President will confer the title as a national hero,” said the Governor after attending a virtual hero day ceremony in Manokwari as quoted by Antara, Tuesday (10/11/2020).

According to Dominggus, King Machmud Rumagesan had a big role against the invaders. The actions and efforts that have been done deserve appreciation from the state.

He is grateful that the central government has given the title of national hero to this figure.

“This should also be an example for us, in the past, heroes were fighting to be willing to die to drive out invaders.

Now that we are independent, let’s fill it with development, “said the governor.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the DPRD Fakfak Siti Rahma Hegemur said King Machmud Rumagesan was an influential figure. “Of course we are proud, Alhamdulillah.

Our parents can be included in the list of national heroes, “he said. He hopes that the big name of King Machmud Rumagesan will be immortalized in Fakfak.

The youths are also expected to emulate the heroic values ​​of the great Fakfak figure.

“His family is still there, today his grandson left for Jakarta to represent the family to receive an award from the President at the State Palace,” he said.

King Machmud Rumagesan is the leader of the Sekar Kingdom which is located on the Onin Peninsula, another name for the old Fakfak Regency.

The center of Sekar Kingdom government is located in Kokas District. Machmud Rumagesan was born in Kokas, December 27, 1885.

He became Raja Sekar when he was 23 years old with the title Raja Al Alam Ugar Sekar. Machmud Rumagesan is known for his struggle against the invaders.

He was in and out of prison several times and was almost sentenced to death. Its struggle against the invaders began in 1934.

Previously, President Joko Widodo led the award ceremony for the title of national hero at the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/11/2020).

The event was attended by the heirs of the six figures who were awarded the title of national hero. They represent the six figures who have died to receive the title of national hero.

Here are the six figures who received the title of national heroes on Heroes’ Day:

  1. Sultan Baabullah from North Maluku Province
  2. Machmud Singgirei Rumagesan from West Papua Province
  3. General Police Retired Raden Said Soekanto Tjokrodiatmodjo, who was the first National Police Chief who came from DKI Jakarta Province.
  4. Arnold Mononutu from North Sulawesi Province who was a movement figure and was the Minister of Information in the era of President Soekarno.
  5. Mr Sutan Mohammad Amin Nasution from North Sumatra Province.
  6. Raden Mattaher bin Pangeran Kusen bin Adi from Jambi Province.

King Machmud Rumagesan

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