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Papuans should steadfastly uphold Indonesia’s sovereignty: Dani leader

Uphold Indonesia’s sovereignty

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) – An esteemed leader of the Dani tribe in Puncak District, Papua Province, called on his members to resolutely uphold Indonesia’s sovereignty in the land of Papua.

“I call on people of my Dani tribe to firmly uphold Indonesia’s sovereignty and obey the government as God’s representative on earth,” Jembatan Murib stated here on Tuesday.

Moreover, the government has given special attention to Papuans through development programs and the recruitment of talented Papuans to serve as state officials within and outside Papua.

Murib, who leads the Dani tribe people in Puncak District, also expressed gratitude to the military and police personnel for ensuring safety and security for the Papuans.

The Dani tribal head affirmed that the Indonesian military (TNI) and police personnel had proffered a sense of safety and security to the people owing to which they were able to conduct their daily routine activities in secure and peaceful conditions.

The presence of the TNI and police personnel in Papua is aimed at protecting and securing the people at large, Murib affirmed.

Meanwhile, People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) speaker Bambang Soesatyo called on the TNI and National Police to bolster their efforts to safeguard Papua.

Soesatyo highlighted the importance of endeavors to maintain security, peace, and public order in the province to respond to the ongoing threats posed by armed Papuan criminal groups.

Through their violent acts, those notorious groups have instilled a sense of fear among the members of local communities. Hence, the Indonesian security personnel should crack down upon them to stop their criminal acts.

In winning the fight against the criminals, security personnel must curtail their space to move; block their communication networks, and interrupt their supply chains, he affirmed.

Papua Police Chief Insp. Gen. Mathius D. Fakhiri reiterated that law enforcement efforts against those posing security threats and terrorizing the local people would be continued.

Security disturbances have been reported sporadically from several areas, such as Intan Jaya District, where armed Papuan groups operate.

Reports indicated that several armed Papuan groups, including the one led by Sabinus Waker, operate around Intan Jaya.

Armed groups in the district have repeatedly engaged in gunfights with security personnel. They have also gone on a shooting rampage targeting innocent civilians.

ANTARA had reported the launch of a security operation — “Operation Nemangkawi” — in 2019 following the massacre of 31 workers from PT Istaka Karya in Kali Yigi and Kali Aurak in Yigi Sub-district, Nduga District, on December 2, 2018.

Armed Papuan rebels, who were reportedly behind the brutal killings of the Trans Papua construction workers, also killed a soldier, identified as Handoko, and injured two other security personnel, Sugeng and Wahyu.

The government has launched emergency response measures to address the impact of the most recent instances of armed conflict that had compelled around 600 locals to flee their homes.

To this end, Indonesia’s Social Affairs Ministry recently supplied aid packages to those taking refuge.

The aid packages comprised 660 packaged food boxes, 420 food packs for children, 100 folding tents, 200 folding mattresses, and 300 blankets.

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Uphold Indonesia’s sovereignty is taken from: ANTARA NEWS

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