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In the last week, 6 people were shot dead by Free West Papua Armed Group

Armed Criminal Group Terror – In the past week, six people have been shot dead by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Intan Jaya Regency, Papua. The last victim who died was Pastor Jeremiah Zanambani. The pastor is a native of the Moni Tribe who also plays a role in translating the Bible into Moni.

That day, two motorcycle taxi drivers at the base of Intan Jaya Regency died at different times but at the same location. The first victim was Laode Anas (34) who was killed when he returned to Supaga after dropping off passengers in Titigi Village. He was killed at around 11:15 WIT.

A few minutes later, Fatur Rahman (23) was also killed in the same location after returning from Kampung Titigi. The second victim died after being shot from a height.

Meanwhile, the third victim was Badawi, a motorcycle taxi driver who was killed by the KKB on Thursday (17/9/2020). He died behind YPPK Santo Mikael Elementary School, Bilogai Village, Sugapa District.

Three hours later, at around 14:20 WIT, Serka Sahlan, a member of the Hitadipa Preparatory Koramil, was also shot dead by KKB. Serka Sahlan’s body was evacuated from Bilorai Airport, Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency to Nabire using a Rimbun Air plane.

Before the bodies of the fourth victim were evacuated, KKB opened fire on the plane at Bilorai airport. The fifth victim was Pratu Dwi Akbar Utomo. He died after being involved in a gun battle with KKB on Saturday (19/9/2020) at around 13:20 WIT.

The gun battle involved the Territorial Apparatus BKO Task Force (Apter) of the Hitadipa Preparatory Corruption Eradication Commission, Pratu Dwi Akbar, was declared dead at 14:50 WIT.

The last victim was Pastor Jeremiah Zanambani. He died in Hitadipa Village, Untan Jaya on Saturday (19/9/2020) at around 18.00 WIT. Pastor Yeremia Zanambani is a native of the Moni Tribe who also played a role in making the translation of the Bible into the Moni language.

Responding to this, Kapen Kogabwihan III, Col. Czi IGN Suriastawa, said the terror carried out by the KKB in Intan Jaya Papua was to seek international attention ahead of the UN General Assembly.

The session is planned to be held on September 22-September 29, 2020. “As I said yesterday, they are looking for a moment to attract attention at the UN General Assembly at the end of this month,” he said.

He also criticized the KKB’s actions which also spread slander through social media by accusing the TNI of being involved in the murder of Pastor Yeremias Zanambani. According to him, what the KKB had done was very disturbing to the community.

“From this morning, their three accounts started spreading fake news by distorting the facts. Their slander on social media, it is clear that the settings and engineering were to incite the public as well as corner the TNI / Polri and the government ahead of the UN general session,” said Suriaswata.

Armed Criminal Group Terror

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