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The Jayapura City Government is increasing the creativity of “MAMA Papua’s” Noken craftswoman

“MAMA Papua’s” Noken craftswoman

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The government of Jayapura City, Papua Province, has increased the creativity of noken craftsmen through a creative knitting competition with Papuan women participants.

Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano in Jayapura, Tuesday, said that the creativity of mothers as noken craftsmen needs to be improved so they need guidance and training from the government.

“There are touches from the government so that mothers can be more creative in making better noken,” he said.

For this reason, the Jayapura City Industry, Trade, Cooperative, and SME Service has held a noken creation competition since a few days ago with a closing on today. Noken is a typical Papuan bag made of wool and bark.

Various noken materials, such as bark from the forest, meanwhile their creative products are sold in shops in the area.

A few days ago a noken creation competition was held in Jayapura City. This is in accordance with the vision of the Jayapura City Government, to create an independent, prosperous, modern society based on local wisdom.

“Thank you moms who have decorated this city with homemade noken. I saw many women selling their noken in front of Bank Papua, in front of Saga Mall Jayapura, and on the sidewalk. Later we will see that there is a special place for mama to wear. selling noken, “he said.

He said the proceeds from the sale of noken by Papuan mothers were to help support their family life. Among those who sell noken, there are children who have completed their education at college and some have become employees.

He mentioned noken craftsmen as having talents that must be continuously developed so that their products are increasingly diverse and of high quality.

“This is extraordinary from this result, Mom is definitely not taught by others to be smart to sew, but the talent God gave is in Mama. Not taught how to knit the noken so that it becomes a beautiful, good and bought shape. also developed into a backpack, can make a ‘cellphone’ place, “he said.

The Head of the Department of Industry and Trade and UKM of Jayapura City, Robert L. N. Awi, said that this year his party is holding a noken creation competition to ensure that the craftsmen have creativity that has economic value, including those concerning the interests ahead of PON 2021.

“It turns out that previously we only opened 200 people, the participants jumped to nearly 300 people, so we were forced to accept some of them. Then for the jury it was very difficult to judge because their quality was very good and very decent,” he said.

“MAMA Papua’s” Noken craftswoman

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