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West Papuan voters should visit polling stations without any concerns

West Papuan voters

Manokwari, W Papua (ANTARA) – West Papua General Elections Commission (KPU) Head Paskalis Semunya insisted on applying health protocols in all democratic processes during the 2020 regional elections to instill confidence among voters to visit polling stations on December 9.

“Implementation of the rules of health protocols is expected to enable the voter turnout rate to stay high despite the novel coronavirus pandemic situation,” he notified local journalists in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua Province, on Wednesday.

To this end, those recruited for running polling station working committee (KPPS) in West Papua Province will be required to gain an understanding of a compulsory subject pertaining to the application of health protocols while partaking in a technical training program before Dec 9, he stated.

KPU offices in nine participating districts have continued to intensify public awareness campaigns on the regional elections and necessitated the application of strict rules of the government’s health protocols to break the chain of the novel coronavirus disease, he remarked.

“Wearing face masks, washing hands, and maintaining social and physical distancing measures are being followed to reduce the risks of getting infected with COVID-19,” Semunya remarked.

This year, regional elections will be held simultaneously in the districts of Manokwari, Manokwari Selatan, Pegunungan Arfak, Raja Ampat, Sorong Selatan, Fakfak, Teluk Wondama, Teluk Bintuni, and Kaimana.

According to the West Papua COVID-19 Task Force, Manokwari’s infection rate is the highest, while Pegunungan Arfak has no confirmed cases as of November 4, 2020, he noted.

In connection with this year’s regional elections, West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan has also appealed to all candidate pairs and eligible voters in nine participating districts to maintain peace and stability.

“We all must maintain peace and stability in our respective areas to enable all stages of democratic processes to run smoothly, including the voting day on December 9,” he noted in his recent press statement.

The candidate pairs along with their teams and political parties should edify the people at large, particularly eligible voters, while on the campaign trail, he emphasized.

Through fair political education, eligible voters will be able to comprehend each of the candidate pairs’ vision, mission, and action programs, he noted.  

Consequently, they would be able to take a rational decision inside the ballot booths on December 9, he stated.

“Please, compete fairly and optimize their campaigns on their visions, missions, and action programs to convince eligible voters. Do not provoke the people at large. Please maintain peace and stability in West Papua,” Governor Mandacan asserted.

The simultaneous regional elections will also be convened in 11 districts of Papua Province: Waropen, Supiori, Merauke, Yalimo, Boven Digul, Asmat, Mamberamo Raya, Nabire, Keerom, Pegunungan Bintang, and Yahukimo.

West Papuan voters

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