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DPRP and MRP Discuss Special Autonomy Evaluation

Special Autonomy Evaluation

JAYAPURA.SP, – To equalize the perception between the Papuan People’s Representative Council (DPRP) and the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) as representatives of the Papuan people in responding to the wishes of the Government to evaluate the Special Autonomy Law, the DPRP held a Working Meeting Special Committee (Pansus) on Special Autonomy (Otsus) with the MRP at the Swiss bell Hotel Jayapura, Friday 24/7/2020.

The Chairperson of the Papua Special Autonomy Committee Thomas Sondigau, ST in his report stated that this coordination meeting aimed at how the two Institutions representing the Papuan People’s DPRP and MRP in responding to the wishes of the government on the Papua Special Autonomy LAW evaluation and what steps should be undertaken jointly.

Meanwhile Chairman of the Papua Parliament, Jhony Banua Rouw, SE said, the DPRP and MRP must discuss, how do we have the same perceptions and perspectives, then we work together, because we are very aware that the Papuan Parliament is elected by the same people and people also chose the MRP and the Governor of Papua, “he said.

Agreed to work together

During the meeting, Jhony Banua admitted that the Papua Parliament and the MRP had agreed and had a perception to work together on special autonomy evaluation.

To that end, the Papua Parliament and the MRP will meet with the Governor of Papua to discuss the matters discussed at this meeting, related to the revision of the Special Autonomy Law and its steps.

Later we will also send a team to Jakarta to meet Commission II of the Indonesian House of Representatives and the Minister of Home Affairs to hear the revised Special Autonomy Law in question.

The beginning of the process

It just wants to hear from them, we haven’t taken a stand. This process is just the beginning, we just want to hear what was revised, which one was revised by the Central Government. That was the point. Why only this, why not the others, why only one or two articles were revised. Those are the questions, “he explained.

In addition, the Papua and MRP DPR team and the Governor of Papua or the executive will go to Commission II of the Indonesian House of Representatives and will also convey the same thing related to the revision of the Special Autonomy Law.

We will also lobby for politics through political parties. We will convey to the House of Representatives that this is the condition of Papua today, so that if they want to decide on something, they must understand and understand the conditions and what is felt by the people of Papua. That’s very important. There are so many aspirations that enter. We will convey, so that we study and discuss together what is best for the people of Papua, “he explained.

All Parties to work together

Jhony Banua said the Papua Parliament and the MRP and the Papua Provincial Government would ask all parties at the center to sit down together to discuss which was the best for this.

It was said, related to technical matters, it had been agreed that the Papua Parliament and the MRP would go together including developing a work program.

“For example, if there is a questioner what is the question? What is the goal? It was discussed together. That is a technical matter that will be discussed by the Papua Special Autonomy Special Committee and the Team formed by the MRP, but we have not reached that area, “he explained.

Jhony Banua appreciated the MRP who had written to the center to ask if the discussion could be returned first, submitted together with the people in Papua. Moreover, the MRP has met with the community and has studies.

Talk about Data

“Earlier what was said by the MRP, because we talked about Otsus, we have to talk about data. This data means, how many indigenous Papuans have enjoyed Otsus, what has been built in Papua. All indicators are data, not just statements or personal thoughts, but have clear data, “he said.

Jhony Banua added that if he requested that the data be reviewed and made a good analysis, so that his party would also involve academics to help, “he said

Meanwhile in the same place the Chairman of the MRP Timotius Murib said that the meeting between the DPRP and MRP institutions was carried out more on preparing steps towards a Hearing Meeting (RDP) with the people of Papua in the Evaluation of Papua Special Autonomy Law number 21.

Today we see on Social Media, there are two parties who stand opposite between the Central government and the people of Papua. So that the MRP and the Papua Parliament must become facilitators to resolve the issue. (Andre) **

Notes on DPRP and MRP Discuss Special Autonomy Evaluation

Special autonomy is part of democratic means to address aspiration of Papuan people. In late 2001, Indonesian government introduced a “special autonomy” bill for West Papua. The bill, which was drafted mostly by indigenous Papuans, passed the Indonesian parliament as Law No. 21 in November 2001.

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