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PT Freeport Indonesia Supports the Acceleration of Development in the Eastern Region of Mimika

PT Freeport Indonesia Is a mineral mining company affiliate of Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) and MIND ID Indonesia’s Mining Industry. PTFI mines and process ores produces concentrates containing copper, gold and silver.  We market concentrates all over the world, and mainly to domestic copper smelter, PT Smelting. We operates in the remote highlands of the Sudirman Mountain Range in Mimika Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia.

PT Freeport Indonesia

The following article is written by senior journalist Nethy Dharma Somba and has been published in Papua Inside., Timika – In the period of adapting new habits amid the co-19 pandemic, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) together with the local government and a number of social and religious organizations continue to collaborate to accelerate the development of the eastern region of Mimika Regency, one of which focuses on the social protection program of the community from the impact of a pandemic by supplying logistical and health facilities needs, as well as providing hygiene and health education.

Children play in the Tomawin Dormitory complex for children from 3 villages to attend school in Tembagapura. (photo: Corcom PT Freepost Indonesia)

“Adaptation of new habits does not hamper our efforts to continue to carry out development activities. With various adjustments, we remain firm in projecting the long-term results that can be achieved from these programs, namely the independence of communities in the East and helping them contribute more to the economic and social movements in Mimika, “said Nathan Kum, VP Community Development PTFI in charge of the field of community development and empowerment around PTFI’s work area in Timika, Monday (07/27/2020).

In general, infrastructure development in the eastern Mimika region is not as fast as in the western region, where Timika City is the capital of the regency, Nathan Kum said in accordance with the mandate contained in the 1997 300K Analysis of Environmental Impacts (AMDAL) document, PTFI continues to demonstrate its commitment to develop the Eastern Mimika area. in order to share in the benefits of the company’s existence.

Economic development in the field of fisheries and agriculture, which is the wealth of Mimika Regency, is an example of a program that has been and is still ongoing. In the field of fisheries, for example, PTFI, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and Mimika Diocese are trying to make Kampung Omawita, Fanamo, and Otakwa located in East Mimika as the transportation and economic center of East Mimika, through the provision of facilities and commodities. While in agriculture, PTFI and Maria Bintang Laut Cooperative managed by Mimika Diocese provide agricultural product sales facilities as well as various other supporting needs for agricultural activities.

Development of freshwater aquaculture, distribution of fish seedlings, mentoring and piloting. (photo: Corcom PT Freeport Indonesia)

Benyamin Meo, Chair of the Mimika Diocese Socio-Economic Development Commission who is also the Manager of Maria Bintang Laut Cooperative (Koperasi Maria Bintang Laut – KMBL), appreciated the collaboration between the parties in accelerating development. “Thanks to the contribution of various parties, such as the Diocese of Mimika and PTFI, human resources and infrastructure in the east of Mimika have shown progress. They now have at least 4 fish collection centers for the community in 8 villages, as well as buildings and facilities for the Otakwa Wholesale Center that can drive the economy, “said Benyamin.

In addition to the economic sector, equitable development is also carried out collectively by PTFI and other parties, such as the Amungme and Kamoro Community Empowerment Foundation (Yayasan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Amungme dan Kamoro – YPMAK), in the health and education sector. For example, by providing free health services in the form of a floating clinic, and educational scholarships for children in a number of villages. “We believe that the economic and social development that PTFI and YPMAK are doing can be a long-term solution to equitable development in Mimika,” said Vebian Magal, YPMAK’s Executive Director.

Agriculture: The use of yard to increase community income. (photo: Corcom PT Freeport Indonesia)

To date, the capacity building training series has succeeded in reaching young people in 8 villages east of Mimika, providing scholarships for 374 children, providing fisheries development programs for 188 families, and agricultural development programs for 272 families. While in terms of infrastructure, Omawita, Fanamo and Otakwa Villages have developed with clean water, electricity, reading and playing parks, 3 school buildings, 1 clinic, 2 churches and a rectory house. Through YPMAK, PTFI has also built houses for communities in all three villages, with 12 houses in each village.

PT Freeport Indonesia
Support for the Cultural Foundation and
women in the highlands. (photo: Corcom PT Freeport Indonesia)

As a short and medium term solution, PTFI continues to partner with the Mimika government to provide transportation facilities for people east of Mimika to do activities in the western region of Mimika. One of them is by operating sea transportation and buses to facilitate and shorten travel time. Going forward, PTFI and the local government are also designing a more integrated transportation system.

“In accordance with the road map that we have designed with the government, the development of the eastern region of Mimika will continue for the next few years. We hope that the collaboration we initiate together with all parties will be able to help and accelerate the government in an effort to improve the lives of the people in Mimika, where we operate, “concluded Nathan. ** (Source: Corcom PT FI)

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