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Legislators bridge the aspirations of Papuan students related to scholarships

The following news is about aspirations of Papuan students on scholarships that has been published in ANTARA NEWS. Specific support for Papuan students in the form of scholarships will help potential students to continue their study to higher education.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR Gerindra Faction Yan Permenas Mandenas will bridge the aspirations of Papuan students from Papua and West Papua provinces who are studying in Malang with their respective regional heads related to the delay in scholarship payments.

“The seriousness of the regional head and the regional work unit (SKPD) which is less absorbing student problems so far we will see,” Yan said in his statement in Jakarta, Tuesday.

The issue of late payment of the scholarship was revealed when he visited students from Papua and West Papua who were studying in Malang on Monday (7/27).

According to Yan, almost all of the complaints made by Papuan and West Papuan students were the same, namely related to the late payment of scholarships, education funds, to the limitations of residence or dormitory.

The capacity as a representative of Papuans in the Indonesian Parliament, he said, would be accounted for with regard to important matters for the people of Papua.

“We will urge that the regional government can quickly answer the aspirations of these younger siblings so that they can learn quietly,” said the member of the House of Representatives Commission I.

Yan Mandenas held COVID-19 Caring Action by visiting students from Papua and West Papua who were studying in Malang, Monday to Tuesday (July 27-28).

On that occasion, Yan Mandenas met with Papuan students from Biak, Yapen, Supiori, Yahukimo, Puncak, Tolikara, Jayapura City, Yalimo, and Boven Digul Regencies.

In addition, Yan also visited two West Papuan student dormitories from Manokwari, Tambraw, Bintuni Bay.

In the COVID-19 Concern Action, Yan distributed food packages and also discussed absorbing the aspirations of students from Papua and West Papua.

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