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Special autonomy is a form of government attention to developing Papua

Special autonomy is a government attention

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Papuan leader Nico Mauri believes that the Special Autonomy Law (Otsus), which has been in effect since 2001, is a form of attention from the central government in accelerating development in Papua Province.

“This special autonomy is a form of concern for us, indigenous Papuans, to accelerate development in all fields, so we should support its implementation properly,” he said on the sidelines of the one-kilometer long Red and White flag on the shores of Hamadi-Holtekamp beach, Jayapura City. , Papua, Saturday.

According to him, the success of Otsus since it was implemented in Cenderawasih Earth looks very real, for the education sector many students have been sent to study abroad, both America, Germany, Japan, China and a number of ASEAN countries.

In the health sector, many health workers have been printed, ranging from nuns, mantri and young Papuan doctors who have attended a number of universities at home and abroad, and some of them have returned to serving their respective regions.

“Then in the infrastructure sector, don’t ask about this again. The TransPapua road is supported by the commitment of the Jokowi administration, building bridges, offices and others. Even the government control span is getting shorter with the existence of a number of new autonomous regions,” he said.

“Not to mention that on average all regional heads are native Papuans, the Kapolda, the Pangdam, the Attorney General’s Office and also a number of other vertical agencies are leaders of Papuan people, this is a success and a form of affirmation, siding with us,” continued the Chairman of the Youth Communications Forum. West Irian.

For this reason, Nico, who is the Chairperson of the Jayapura City Red and White Front (BMP), asked all parties to unite and join hands to commit to supporting a number of government programs for the future of their children and grandchildren, the younger generation of Papua who are brighter.

“We know from those who reject or echo the oblique tone related to Otsus, we know their spirit, a different spirit, even though they also enjoy Otsus which is currently running but are reluctant to admit it, this is an attitude that should not be emulated or followed, not an attitude and character. Papuans like that, “he said.

He admitted that he agreed with the discourse for a comprehensive evaluation of the use of the Special Autonomy funds from 2001 until now, which later could serve as suggestions and input so that the implementation that was not optimal and lacked direction could be rearranged properly and wisely.

“The key word is that we support Otsus to continue either in the form of policies or in the form of funding. Papua still needs development. The Jokowi administration pays close attention to Papua. This is a form of real concern, and we all know this, even in remote areas, the village people know this. this, “said Nico who is also the Head of the Panca Marga Youth Department of Papua Province.

Special autonomy is a government attention.

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