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7 Free West Papua Propaganda Debunked

7 Free West Papua Propaganda

Many people in Oxford, UK and several cities in Australia like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth have misperceptions about Free West Papua, and how to understand its evil propaganda. We want to help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to your understanding about Free West Papua.

This list debunks 8 Free West Papua Propaganda to help you confidently take the necessary steps to end your support.

  1. Peaceful campaign of Free West Papua is merely a tool to attract new supporters and donations. The truth is Free West Papua has a notorious armed wing who killed many innocent people in Papua and West Papua.
  2. Benny Wenda democratically elected as the head of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). The truth is that Benny Wenda took over the organisation and ruled it as his personal vehicle. He slandered the first chairman of ULMWP, Octo Mote and promised financial support to other members, especially for international campaign covering flight and accommodation. What actually happened is that he used ULMWP as the so called umbrella organisation to ask more money to donors. Unfortunately most of the money was used for Benny’s family business.
  3. Free West Papua Campaign (FWPC) is a non-profit organisation. A non-profit organisation should be chartered under a charity organisation, however FWPC is a Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of ‘Limited’ exemption. It is understandable that FWPC chooses the non-profit organisations type as registered in the Companies House. However, what most of us don’t realize is the way FWPC collecting and distributing fund from public. FWPC didn’t choose the charitable status to guarantee that the money that they collect can be distributed among directors of FWPC. So please stop your donation to FWPC.
  4. West Papua genocide has been used massively as negative propaganda against Indonesia. One of the definition of genocide is a systematic killing of a racial or cultural group; such as, the Nazi genocide of Jews being conducted in Germany and Poland during World War II. There is no single definition of genocide fits with what happened in West Papua, which was a limited local conflict between a small group of separatists against the security apparatus. Indonesia reluctantly used its authority to destroyed all separatist groups in West Papua, instead the government has given room and time for separatist group to think carefully about their wrong doing killing and terrorising innocent people in the region.
  5. Human rights abuses in West Papua. Almost all human rights cases in West Papua has been investigated thoroughly by police and National Human Rights Commission. Most of the cases were unexpected incidents and none can be categorised as a systematic methods. Usually, separatist group instigates the violent incidents to create the incident of human rights violations.
  6. The Act of Free Choice 1969 was not an act of Self-determination. The denial by some West Papua separatist leaders has reached the level of hallucination. The United Nations specifies the function of Self-determination in Principles 6 to 9 of the UN General Assemby Resolution 1541. The Act of Free Choice is a legal and very successful act of self-determination. The Act of Free Choice in 1969 is an undisputed vote of about 1,025 representative tribal leaders representing all West Papuans. The result of the plebiscite was overseen and endorsed by the United Nations. The world accepted the result as a legally binded decision and inviolable.
  7. Free West Papua is an honest campaign. Totally wrong, if we read their campaign we will find so many hoaxes and fake news.

So remember this when deciding if you were asked to support Free West Papua—If you hear and read their campaign and think that it is true, then you have been deceived!

Please remember this 7 Free West Papua Propaganda!

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

14 thoughts on “7 Free West Papua Propaganda Debunked Leave a comment

  1. For Free West Papua Campaign, their fake news is a way of getting support from international community, showing that they fight for freedom. Thank you that you have debunked Free West Papua propaganda.

  2. The Act of Free Choice 1969 was an act of self-determination, which reflected West Papuans aspiration to join Indonesia once and for good.

  3. Wow…..
    FWPC didn’t choose the charitable status to guarantee that the money that they collect can be distributed among directors of FWPC. So please stop your donation to FWPC. Yes, we all should avoid being tricked by Free West Papua

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