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The LPRI special autonomy discussion generated a number of suggestions and input

Special autonomy discussion by LPRI

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Discussions on the implementation of the Special Autonomy (Otsus) law held by the Papua Province Indonesian Reform Supervisory Agency (Lembaga Pengawasan Reformasi Indonesia, LPRI) in Jayapura City gave rise to a number of suggestions and inputs.

This was said by the Chairperson of the DPD LPRI Papua Province Elisa Bouway in Jayapura City, Tuesday afternoon.

“In a one-day discussion that we held at one of the well-known hotels in Jayapura City on Monday (13/10), which was attended or attended by religious leaders, academics and youth regarding the implementation of Otsus for 20 years in Papua, there were a number of important suggestions and input. for the government, “he said.

Among them are the matter of the flow of Otsus funds that are requested to be transparent and accountable, the use of Otsus funds for the past 20 years in provinces, districts and cities in Papua, is for anything.

“Then there is a suggestion that there should be a Directorate General for Special Autonomy at the center that oversees the flow of Special Autonomy funds. The new draft of the Special Autonomy Law must be discussed in detail for the sustainability of Otsus,” he said.

Furthermore, the results of the evaluation of the Otsus funds by the regional heads of Tabi and Saireri in Sentani, Jayapura Regency in September 2020 should be an important input in the new Otsus draft.

“Because Otsus is considered to have many benefits or helps indigenous Papuans, so it is requested that Otsus be transparent so that its electability is clear, what form of absorption is divided. Kan Otsus is the assistance of the central government (state) to Papua Province, this must be clear,” he said.

Elisa also emphasized that Otsus is a legal product that is packaged in Law number 21 of 2001 concerning the special autonomy status of Papua Province, if it is rejected, it means rejecting Law number 21 of 2001.

“For this reason, Otsus must remain under control and be guarded by all parties, including evaluation. And the important question is that Papua is based on the law on regional government and it is enforced wherever the administrative area of ​​the government is, this is our record,” he said.

Another thing, he said, was that the youth leaders present questioned the SK for the 14 traditional seats, or the Papua Special Autonomy seats in the Papua People’s Representative Council or the DPRP, if there is one that must be encouraged to be sworn in so that the working masses are on time.

“And the main thing, to emerge is the audit of the Special Autonomy Fund during its implementation. The Special Autonomy Fund is said to have an evaluation every year, as well as an audit of the Special Autonomy fund for education to the public that needs to be seen,” he said.

Elisa Bouway added that in the discussion, young leaders, customs, religions, and academics, as well as OKP representatives who were present included Rev. MPA Mauri, Chairperson of PGPI Papua, Rev. Albert Yoku, Chairperson of the Jayapura Regency FKUB, and Pdt Naftali Modouw, Chair of the Jayapura Regency PGGJ, and academics namely Septinus Saa.

Meanwhile, for youth leaders, namely the Chairperson of Gapura Papua, Bung Jack Puraro, Roxie Yaung, the Chairperson of the Jayapura Regency Patelki, as well as other youth leaders between the OKP in Jayapura City and Regency as well as Keerom and its surroundings who are oriented in Papua Province.

“Because we are still paying attention and implementing health protocols for the prevention of COVID-19, the participants that we invite and attend are very limited, only 35 people, of whom I have mentioned above,” he said.

Elisa also said that similar activities will be scheduled to be carried out in several places or locations, only to be adjusted to the current situation, which is still struggling with the corona pandemic.

Special autonomy discussion by LPRI

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