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Military, police should act firmly against armed criminal groups

Against armed criminal groups

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Coordinating Minister Mahfud MD urged the Indonesian police, military, and state intelligence body to take swift, firm, and measured actions against Papua’s armed criminal groups following their categorization as terrorists.

“The government has ordered the Indonesian police, military state intelligence body, and related apparatuses to take swift, firm, and measured actions. As per the law, measured means that the action will not target civilian society,” the minister noted during an online press conference at the Political, Legal and Security Affairs Coordinating Ministry in Jakarta on Thursday.

Mahfud noted that any violent act translating to violation of Law No. 5 of 2018 on Amendment to Law No. 15 of 2000 on the Passage of Government Regulation in lieu of Law No. 1 of 2002 on Counter-terrorism, into Law, is categorized as a terror act.

“From the legal aspect, we will soon process it as a terrorist movement to be listed in our agenda of laws,” he remarked.

The minister affirmed that the military and police do not need to deploy a large number of personnel to tackle the armed criminal groups in Papua.

“We only face a handful of individuals rather than the Papuan people. Hence, action will be taken in accordance with the law,” he remarked.

This means the police, with the military’s assistance, will launch the operations in Papua, he affirmed.

“The law is sufficient, and not much is needed. It is just to coordinate, which according to the president’s directive, they must synergize and must not work alone,” he explained.

The regional military command chief is mandated to coordinate with the provincial police chief under the guidance of National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo and Indonesian Military Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, he remarked.

Meanwhile, the state intelligence body continues to conduct intelligence activities that are political in nature.

“Political means, for instance, making contact with figures, identifying locations, and cooperating with the Foreign Ministry to conduct diplomacy with Pacific countries or other nations where separatists live in exile,” he stated.

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Against armed criminal groups news source: ANTARA NEWS

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