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West Papuan self appointed President uses genocide narrative to defend Free West Papua terrorist group

Genocide narrative by terrorist group

WEST PAPUA’S self appointed President Benny Wenda cried out on 28th of April at a “crackdown order” by Indonesian President Jokowi Widodo, using a genocide narrative.

President Widodo was carefully conveyed his order to Indonesian police and military to crackdown Free West Papua armed group after so many killing, torturing and terror by the criminal groups against the people in the region and security personnel.

The killing of the regional head of the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Brigadier General I Gusti Putu Danny Karya Nugraha, was the culmination of Indonesia’s patience in facing Free West Papua armed group, especially in Beoga district, Puncak Jaya, Papua province.

Indonesia’s counterinsurgency operations can be considered as very soft and very careful to respect human rights. However, the repeated terror against the population has brought a more serious action by the government.

President Jokowi has ordered the military and police chiefs to pursue and arrest members of the armed criminal group several days ago, the self appointed President Mr. Benny Wenda frantically responded by saying Indonesia is waging a genocide.

Mr Wenda, who appointed himself as interim president of a West Papuan provisional government in December 2021, said: “Jakarta was once again trying to smear his people’s struggle as a terrorist movement”. Wenda’s statement is not only full of propaganda protecting his personal interest, but also contrasting his own path of terrorism. He led a group of people to torched houses and police station and killed two policemen, please read Report on Benny Wenda.

It should be noted that with more than 300 different tribes and languages, and also the vast are of the Papua and West Papua province have opened an opportunity for rebel and criminal groups to operate outside security radar. However, repeated brutal terror by Free West Papua armed group has finally pushed the button of Indonesia’s security system.

A police killer and conflict provocateur like Benny Wenda often mentions about military repression and genocide. However, if we carefully investigate Benny’s propaganda, we will find that Benny is the one who provoke the violent conflict using armed group like the killing of dozens construction workers in 2018 and also medical workers in May 2020 and many other killings in the region. Furthermore, Benny defended his armed group by saying that they are not criminals after killing so many innocent people. If now, he repeats his claim and accusation, it is more like an opera show his fake leadership by using online media and social media.

It is clear that Benny Wenda who sends his 6 children to best education in UK by UK citizens tax money and steals the donation money to build his business is the real terrorist who provokes conflict in Papua and West Papua. We know what Benny Wenda’s want, creating hatred between indigenous Papua and other ethnic groups to maintain the conflict and it also supports to his claim as asylum in UK. He benefited a lot from the conflict.

In one side, Mr Wenda insisted that the West Papua Army under his leaderhisp is not a criminal group or gang? But on the other side, some armed group reject his leadership and called him a fake leader. Mr. Benny Wenda should take the responsibility of terror action by Free West Papua armed group, or if he reject as the mastermind of the terror and killing, he should be able to control tha behaviour of West Papua Army or Free West Papua armed group.

Again, we can see how ambitious Benny Wenda is when commenting to President Widodo statement. Mr. Wenda said: “Instead of reacting with further human rights abuses, you must sit down with me, president to president, and find a way to peacefully resolve our conflict”.

Mr. Wenda stressed out his proposal to talk as president to president, while President Widodo was elected by more than 85 millions people and fully controlled Indonesian Police and Military, Mr. Wenda couldn’t control Free West Papua armed group. He can only denying Free West Papua armed group action as crime and terror.

This Genocide narrative by terrorist group article is inspired by Steve Sweeney

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This Blog has gone through many obstacles and attacks from violent Free West Papua separatist supporters and ultra nationalist Indonesian since 2007. However, it has remained throughout a time devouring thoughts of how to bring peace to Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia.

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