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Chronology of Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group Kills 8 Victims While Sleeping with Axes and Firearms in PTT Kamp Camp

Nelson Sarira, employee of PT. PTT who survived the KKB massacre in Beoga, Puncak Regency, Saturday (5/3) was evacuated to Timika. – Between, JAKARTA – An employee of the Palapa Timur Telematics (PTT) company who survived the attack by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Jenggeran Village, Beoga District, Puncak Regency, Papua, Nelson Sarira was evacuated to Timika but was in quite shaken (traumatic) condition considering that that event.

To two members of the Cartenz Peace Operations Law Enforcement Task Force who picked him up at Camp Tower B3, Jenggeran Village, West Beoga District using a Komala Indonesia AS 350 B3E/PK-KIE helicopter, Saturday (5/3/2022) morning, Nelson said that on Wednesday ( 2/3/2022) in the morning around 03.00 WIT, the PTT employee camp was visited by about 10 KKB members.

Armed gangs carrying a number of sharp tools such as machetes, axes, and even carrying several firearms went straight to the PTT employee camp to carry out massacres of employees who were still fast asleep.

“The perpetrators immediately entered the camp and carried out the massacre. At that time the victim had fled so that he could survive,” said the Head of Peace Operations for Cartenz 2022, Police Commissioner Muhammad Firman during a press conference at the Mimika Police Headquarters, Saturday (5/3/2022).

From his hiding place, Nelson also heard gunshots at the PTT camp. Nelson only dared to return to the camp after making sure the situation was completely safe.

“After no longer hearing the voices of the perpetrators, the victim returned to the camp and saw that all of her friends were already dead,” said Firman.

The identities of eight PTT employees confirmed to have died as a result of the KKB massacre are Bona Simanulang, Renal Itua Tagasye, Bili Galdi Balion, Jamaludin, Sharil Nurdiansyah, Eko Septiansyah, Bebei Tabuni and Ibo.

Nelson Sarira’s whereabouts were known from PTT’s CCTV which said that all of his colleagues who were repairing the Based Transciever System (BTS) facility in Jenggeran Village, West Beoga District, Puncak Regency had died as a result of the KKB massacre, and only he survived the incident. that.

Seeing this fact, the Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Pol Mathius D Fakhiri as the Person in Charge of the Cartenz Peace Operations then ordered his staff to immediately take steps to save the survivors.

On Saturday (5/3/2022) morning at 08.00 WIT, it was monitored via CCTV PTT where the victim on behalf of Nelson Sarira was still at the scene asking for help.

An employee of Palapa Timur Telematika (PTT) who survived the massacre by the KKB, Nelson Sarira was successfully evacuated by the Cartenz Peace Operation Team to Timika, Saturday (5/3/2022)./Antara

Then at 09.00 WIT the team consolidated to immediately evacuate victims to Timika using the Penerbad Bell Helicopter 412EP/HA-5177 (Aircover) which carried five Penerbad personnel plus one member of the Task Force for Gakkum Ops Damai Cartenz.

Then the Komala Indonesia AS 350 B3E/PK-KIE helicopter as an evacuation helicopter carried two personnel of the Task Force for Gakkum Ops Damai Cartenz at around 09.28 WIT flew from Timika’s Mozes Kilangin Airport to the evacuation location in Kampung Jenggeran, West Beoga District, Puncak Regency.

The evacuation team arrived at the scene at 10.47 WIT and immediately took Nelson Murib to the helicopter and then headed to Timika’s Mozes Kilangin Airport.

At around 10.45 WIT the helicopter carrying the evacuation team with Nelson landed at Timika Airport, then the victim was taken to the Mimika Police Headquarters for medical treatment by the Mimika District Health Office.

Source: Kabar24

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