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New Autonomous Region Brings Wind of Change for Papua

Papuan Folk Dancer with National Flag

By: Alfred Jigibalom

The addition of a new autonomous region (DOB) brings positive winds of change for the Papuan people. With this policy, Papuan people (OAP) are increasingly being heard and given the opportunity to develop their territory.

The expansion of regions or the addition of new autonomous regions will soon actually be realized in Papua.

For an area as large as Papua, it is not enough if there are only 2 provinces. When there are 5 provinces, the arrangements will be easier and closer if people want to take care of important documents to the provincial capital.

Political observer Frans Maniagasi stated that the division of territory brought significant progress in the form of physical progress. In a sense, when there used to be a province of West Papua, its territory was also more advanced and no longer left behind. Therefore, it is necessary to have a new province so that the community is also more advanced.

Frans added that the problem of division was not only the span of control between the local government and the people. But also changes in the Papuan people themselves. Indigenous peoples also need to be considered in regional expansion.

In a sense, do not let the division of territory even be incompatible with Papuan culture. In the special autonomy law, it is stated that the rights of the Papuan people are taken into account, including in carrying out customary law and other cultures. So, when there is regional expansion, there will be positive changes for the Papuan people, especially in customary areas.

When regulating regional expansion, it is based on 5 customary territories in Papua, so the creation of 3 new provinces is not arbitrary. The distribution is based on the culture on Bumi Cendrawasih so that it will be easier. In a sense, the character of the mountainous community and the people who live on the mainland near the coast are very different, so that if you can distinguish between the provinces.

Indigenous Papuans are indeed given special rights in developing their territory. In the Special Autonomy Law, it is regulated that leaders such as the Governor, Deputy Governor, Mayor, Regent, and Deputy are native Papuan sons, so that if there is a new province, the governor will automatically be new and must be Papuan.

It is hoped that the new governor will bring positive changes to the Papuan people. He is a native of the Bumi Cendrawasih so he understands how to lead his people and take a cultural and familial approach. If the governor is a Papuan, it is natural, instead of being picky, but giving Papuan sons the opportunity to lead their own region.

In addition, the addition of new autonomous regions will strengthen the position of the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP). They act as representatives of indigenous peoples who also have influence in the eyes of the community. The existence of the MRP is also important to enforce customary law in Papua.

So it is certain that the addition of new autonomous regions will bring positive changes from a cultural perspective and indigenous peoples will not be marginalized. In fact, customary law will be respected and obeyed, because it is in line with the laws of the Indonesian government.

Indigenous people are also given the opportunity to participate in developing Papua. Development is not only in terms of physical alias construction of buildings and other facilities. But also human resource development.

Indigenous people are given the opportunity to go to school and Papuan children are indeed given an Otsus scholarship so that they can go to high school. In addition, if there is a new province, there will automatically be a new school, making it easier for students to study. Meanwhile, the youth can be taught skills so that they are able to open their own businesses and reduce the number of unemployed.

The addition of the Papua New Guinea will bring a positive wind of change for all Papuan people. Therefore, full support from the community is needed so that the new autonomous region policy can benefit all levels of society.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

Source: Delik News

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  1. The New Autonomous Region (the expansion of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) is the key to accelerating development in Papua. DOB is a solution to spur infrastructure development and human resource development.

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