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Cenderawasih University students distribute masks for free

Uncen students distribute masks

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Students from the Teaching and Education Faculty (FKIP) Cenderawasih University (PPKN Uncen) Pancasila and Citizenship Education Study Program (PPKN Uncen) Jayapura, Saturday, in Jayapura City, distributed 110 masks for free to the community in the capital city of Papua Province.

The activity of distributing hundreds of masks to the community in Jayapura City as well as socialization regarding the prevention of COVID-19 is one of the fieldwork lectures (KKL) for students of the PPKN FKIP Uncen class of 2017 in the midst of a pandemic.

While distributing masks, the students socialized the prevention of COVID-19 through several posters held by the side of the highway.

Some of the posters that were carried read “Come Together with the Pancasila and Citizenship Education Study Program, FKIP Uncen We Fight COVID-19.” Another poster reads “Don’t be Careless, Remember the Corona is Still There, Wear a Mask. Ko Sehat Sa Sehat.” “Remember! Keep Your Distance.” “Comply with Health Protocols, Jayapura City is Safe from Corona.”

Yanuarius Magai, Head of the KKL Committee for PPKN FKIP Uncen students, said that his party bought 110 masks to be distributed free of charge to the public, especially for motorists, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

The distribution was focused on two different points in Jayapura City, first at the Abepura traffic light, precisely in front of the Abepura Post Office, Abepura District. Furthermore, the second is at Hamadi Beach, South Jayapura District. These masks are distributed to motorists and pedestrians.

“First at the Abepura red light, to be precise in front of the Abepura Post Office as many as 80 masks, then at Hamadi Beach 30 masks were distributed,” he said.

He hopes that with the distribution of masks but also the socialization of corona prevention carried out by his party, the community will obey health protocols by wearing masks and maintain distance to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Chairman of the PPKN FKIP Uncen Jayapura Study Program, Senalince Mara, said that when students distributed these masks, there were positive benefits for them.

In addition to distributing masks to others, they also have to take care of themselves, when on the move, those who may have to meet classmates and their activities in the lecture room still wear masks.

Uncen students distribute masks
Students of the Teaching and Education Faculty (FKIP) Cenderawasih University Pancasila and Citizenship Education Study Program, Jayapura, Saturday (19/9/2020) holding a socialization poster.

According to him, even though there are online lectures but there are certain times, they have to go to campus, because they are already in the seventh semester so there are courses that students must have on campus, such as for example PPL one courses and seminars, that’s one or two times. students must meet.

“By distributing masks like this, when they are in public, they have to wear masks. Through this activity, they can also tell their families that maintaining distance and having a clean life is important,” he said.

“When they are in any environment, these things have a positive impact on them. Through this activity, we also hope that people are aware that this corona has not passed, maintaining health is very important by maintaining distance and wearing masks,” he added.

Through this activity, he said, students are aware of the importance of wearing masks, because when they provide them, some do not use masks.

He said of the 45 students, only 50 percent wore masks. But through this activity, on average most of them already wear masks, the 45 students involved in this activity all wear masks.

He said the PPKN Study Program students who participated in the KKL this time were 45 students, but because there were additional students so there were about 50 more students.

He added that actually this was class 2017 but there were additional students from batch 2015 and 2016 who had not had time to take part in KKL so they joined.

“So, through the distribution of masks, in addition to being beneficial for the community but also for them, namely always using masks, keeping a distance, not only in public places but also inside the house,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Dean I of FKIP Uncen, Yan Dirk Wabiser, said that the distribution of masks carried out was a form of their concern for health, namely distributing masks to people in Jayapura City.

The distribution of masks also includes making the public aware of what the government has said, namely wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands.

“This is also their role as citizens, they also actively participate in handling COVID-19. This activity is important to safeguard the city of Jayapura, where we live,” he said.

“Apart from being students on campus, they are also residents of Jayapura City, they must both erase the stains of the corona so that the city of Jayapura is clean, beautiful and safe for all of us,” said Yan Dirk Wabiser.

Uncen students distribute masks

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