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PT Pertamina added 3T gas stations in Asmat Regency, Papua

Gas stations in Asmat Papua

Jayapura (ANTARA) – PT Pertamina added gas stations in the 3T area (backward, frontier and outermost) in Asmat Regency, Papua, respectively SPBU Kampung Mamugu, Sawa District, Kampung Sagare Awyu District and Kampung Yamas SPBU Joerat District.

Edi Mangun, Unit Manager Communication, Relations and CSR Marketing Operation Region VIII of PT Pertamina (Persero) in Jayapura, Friday, said that according to this year’s target of 13 3T SPBU points in Papua, three operations have been carried out.

“Another point will soon follow in the near future and the 2020 target is optimistic that it will be achieved and can also have a positive impact in the economic and social fields for the community,” he said.

According to Edi, the addition of 3T gas stations in Asmat Regency will greatly help the community’s economy. Moreover, premium and diesel are sold at the same price, namely premium of Rp. 6,450 per liter and diesel of Rp. 5,150 per liter. Previously, the premium price range in the area reached IDR 20,000 per liter and diesel to IDR 50,000 per liter.

“We hope that the existence of this One Price Fuel Distributor Agency can be useful in spurring the improvement of the people’s economy,” he said.

He explained that with the operation of the channeling agency, Pertamina hopes that there will be support from various related parties, such as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, BPH Migas, local governments, the police and the TNI to supervise and play an active role in the community.

“This is so that One Price Fuel can run on target so that the benefits can be felt for the community,” he said again.

In line with Edi Mangun, Regent Asmat Elisa Kambu said the government would like to thank and appreciate Pertamina for providing energy to remote areas evenly at an affordable price in the 3T Kompak SPBU program.

Gas stations in Asmat Papua is part of strategic plan by PT Pertamina to provide one price fuel for Papuan people. Thanks PT Pertamina

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