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The History of Jayapura City, the Capital of Papua, The City That Was Once Named Hollandia

Author Dini Daniswari | Early Editor Daniswari

Jayapura at Night (photo: goodnewsfromindonesia) – Jayapura City is the capital city of Papua Province, which is located at the eastern end of Indonesia. Jayapura City has an area of ​​940 km2. This city is the smallest city compared to other districts/cities in Papua Province.

Jayapura City is the only administrative area in Papua Province which has the status as a municipality.

Jayapura City History

The city of Jayapura has long been in contact with the outside world. This is indicated by the existence of people who have stopped in the Land of Papua.

One of them, Ynico Ortis de Fretes, is a Spaniard. With his ship called “San Juan”, Ynico sailed on May 16, 1545 from Tidore to Mexico. On the way, Ynico’s entourage arrived around the mouth of the Mamberano river on June 16, 1545.

Youtefa Bay, located in Jayapura City, is the venue for the XX Papua PON rowing sport which will take place on 27 October – 13 September 2021. ( RAHAYU)

Ynico gave the name Nova Guinea to the land of Papua. Jayapura City is one of the cities that has undergone considerable physical changes, since the Dutch government. The city of Jayapura was captured by the Japanese in 1942 and used as a base for the United States’ defense in World War II in 1944.

However, the forms and characteristics that were left during the Dutch era have been eroded by socio-cultural changes. Thus, the historical continuity of the city area seems to be interrupted due to development control that does not pay attention to the morphological aspects of the area.

Jayapura City was formed in 1910 under the name Hollandia. Based on the besleit (decree) of the Governor of the Dutch East Indies No. 4 dated August 28, 1909. The city of Jayapura was included in the Dutch government with an initial function, namely to regulate war strategies at that time (WWII) by the Dutch East Indies army.

At that time, the city as a military defense area and government area. Partly, other areas are used as settlements, social facilities, education, and health.

Yos Sudarso Bay as the venue for the 2021 Papua PON XX marine diving sport which will be held in Jayapura City. ( RAHAYU)

Jayapura City has two urban centers which are growth centers, namely Abepura District and North Jayapura District. The formation of these two cities cannot be separated from the history of Jayapura City. Where previously, the two cities were the center of Hollandia City which was determined by the Dutch government and allied forces.

Previously, the two were originally named Hollandia Binnen which is now Abepura and Hollandia Haven which is now North Jayapura. In the past, Hollandia Binnen (Abepura) was the administrative center of the Allies (United States).

The area was reoccupied as the seat of the Dutch government at the end of World War II in 1946. In 1958, the Dutch government moved the center of government to Hollandia Haven (North Jayapura).

The existence of the two areas that were once the center of activity during the Dutch government resulted in the center of an urban area in Jayapura City.

Jayapura City Today

The location of an alternative road connecting Jayapura Regency and Jayapura City, Papua, Saturday (14/8/2021) (KOMPAS.COM/DHIAS SUWANDI)

Over time, activities that were previously only concentrated in the two sub-districts have expanded to surrounding areas, such as South Jayapura and Heram District.

The process of morphological development of the four sub-districts is through an organic process. Where, organic processes are processes that are not planned and develop themselves following the landscape.

As the capital city of Papua Province, Jayapura City has various functions, namely the center of government, economy, trade, industry, tourism, and education.

Source: KOMPAS

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