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Head of Abar Sentani Village Supports Papua New Autonomous Region Plan

Head of adat or Ondoafi Abar Village, Ebungfau District, Jayapura Regency, Naftali Felle (60) (Photo: Tribun-Papua) Reporter, Aldi Bimantara

TRIBUN-PAPUA.COM, JAYAPURA – The head of the Abar Village, Sentani Jayapura Regency, Papua Province, Naftali Felle asked the Central Government to immediately expand the Papua Province.

This was stated explicitly by Naftali to, via a cellular telephone connection, Wednesday (1/6/2022) morning.

“For us, the people of coastal Papua, especially in Kampung Abar, we believe that the formation of a New Autonomous Region (DOB) must be carried out immediately,” he said in a firm tone.

Naftali said that the reason for the urgent or urgent need for expansion was because he saw that so far the flow of people who had come to Jayapura from other areas and the number was very large and exceeded the limit.

“For example, in the Jayapura Regency area. We indigenous people in Bumi Kenambai Umbai only live in the center of the city, but on the outskirts Papuans from other areas have taken control,” he worried.

The man who is also an observer of pottery said that the formation of the Papua New Guinea was very appropriate, so that the concentration of population flows could also be concentrated in certain areas and not accumulate in Jayapura or other coastal areas.

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“I think the expansion is a solution so that Jayapura is not too crowded, and other areas such as the mountains of Papua can have their own central area,” he concluded.

Then, the second and important reason for Naftali is that with the formation of the Papua New Guinea, it is hoped that the Otsus funds will be absorbed more evenly and touch all levels of society throughout the Land of Papua.

“I am optimistic that if the programs are really taken seriously, the programs will run, the Papuan people will be more prosperous after the division,” Naftali said.

On that occasion, Naftali assessed that those who rejected the new autonomous regions had been designed or arranged by elites who did not want Papua to progress.

“Because for us, what the Central Government does, of course, does not want to see its people suffer and not prosper, so I think that the new autonomous region is very appropriate for the Land of Papua,” he concluded. (*)

Source: Tribun-Papua MSN

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