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Papuan Central Mountain Community Leaders support the establishment of New Autonomous Region

Lenis Kogoya (ANTARA/Marius Frisson Yewun)

Wamena (ANTARA) – Community Leader from the central highlands of Papua Province Lenis Kogoya support the establishment of a new autonomous region (DOB) in Papua.

Lenis Kogoya while in Wamena, Tuesday, saw the need for a provincial new autonomous region in the central highlands Papua because it is feasible.

“As a tribal chief, I accept, agree with DOB,” he emphasized.

The former Special Staff of President Jokowi also asked the central government to form new districts because the highlanders had longed for it.

Several proposals for new districts in the mountainous region of Papua, for example, are Bogoga, Trikora, Baliem Center, Okika, and Yahukimo.

“So, tomorrow the submission of the decision letter (SK) for this province must be the same as the appropriate district decree with people’s aspirations because these districts have been proposed for a long time, almost 20 years,” he said.

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Lenis also asked the public not to hold demonstrations against the special autonomy policy (Otsus) for Papua.

He invites the community to support the program because it is for the welfare of the community.

“People who ask for this development, we also want to go forward. For those who don’t want to go forward, please go ahead, but we others will continue to advance with the government,” he said.

Reporter : Marius Frisson Yewun
Editor: Hendrina Dian Kandipi

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